Friday, July 20, 2012

We are Awesome

Our last five days were wild, fun and a great learning experience. We went to many very interesting places, like Giacomini Wetlands, Stow Lake, the San Francisco Wastewater Treatment Plant, SPAWN, and Recology. Over the course of the first week we learned a lot and had a good time. We learned important information about how to take care of our society. On the first day we went kayaking in Tomales Bay. It was cold and wet, but we had a good time. At first it was difficult, but then we got the hang of it and stop crashing into the plants and trees (and each other). We learned how to work as a team and we also made new friends. The second day was not as wet but equally exciting. In the morning we learned that we would be traveling to Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park to weed the island and make it more attractive. We were armed with gloves and tools and sent to pull ivy and grass on the steps. It got tiring but we had great fun and you could easily see the effects of our hard day's work. After that we held the Leaf Olympics, with a water-ballon toss, three-legged race and a game that involved balancing grapefruit in between our cheek and shoulder. - Isaac & Sara

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