Friday, July 20, 2012

The Adventures of LEAF

  • Day1: Going to Giacomini Wetlands for the first day was exciting and unexpected. We started off with an introduction with Todd. Next we got geared up and was showed how to paddle and get ready. After a fun game of water balloon toss we were off to the water! Towards the end we had lunch in a field nearby,we then and soon found out that we had a few unexpected guests.....SPIDERS!! These small,fast, creatures disturbed the end of the day,but overall it was quite an adventure and both of our first time kayaking!                                                                                                                                                
  • Day2: After an exciting day in the Giacomini Wetlands in Tomales Bay we started the day in a circle at Presidio Hill School. There we found out that we were going to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park to help replenish Strawberry Hill. There we were introduced to the parks gardeners. Then they geared us up with gloves,shovels,and an insight on what weeds to pull.After a few hours of hard work we said goodbye and went to a shady spot in the park to reflect on the day and play games.The day was fun and enjoyable. 
  • Day3:The day started off on the edge of our seats,we found out we were going to the SEWER!! We were in luck to be told we needed an introduction before the smells. Introduced to the marine biologist there and a guy named Johnathan we learned about our water cycle,what we put down the toilet,where and how waste is handled. Next was the moment we all were waiting for... THE SEWER!! Of course it stank really bad but learning about the pipes and "cake", it was interesting!
  • Day4: Both of us went to different places split apart by schools. Edison went to glide and helped the less unfortunate with a warm meal! P.H.S went to  SPAWN  and dug holes holes for a rain garden! Both were very interesting and empowering.At the end of the day we showed a good example of leadership.

We are both excited to see what will be next adventure at LEAF!

~Iyanna Kelly and ~Paulina Roesch

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