Wednesday, July 25, 2012


   Today we went on a beautiful hike. I was inspired to write a few poems. Here they are.
The furry green moss 
is a stow away 
attaching itself
to the tree
the tree gives it a home 
the tree does not complain
we are like the moss 
we lodge on the earth
the earth is a tree
it gives us food water and shelter
what does it get in return? 
we ruin the earth 
we cut down the trees
destroy their majestic beauty 
we take to many fish to feed us
and the whole eco system crashes 
the question is 
is destroying nature worth the cost? 

The Earth 
Her tear drops are the mourning dew 
her eyes the day and night
her smile is the flowers bloom 
her head the sun so bright
her question is so simple 
who and what am I?

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