Friday, July 20, 2012

Sabrina and Sadie Ray's LEAF experience

Sadie Ray: 
    Today we went to the dump. It was a bit depressing to see where all our trash goes but it also makes you aware of the fact that there is a problem and it needs to be addressed. The dump was just one of the many fun things we have done. On Monday we went kayaking. On Tuesday we went to stow lake and pulled out the none native plants. On Wednesday we went to the water treatment plant to see where all the water we waste goes. It was so SMELLY that I thought I was going to faint. It was still fun though. On Thursday we split up into two groups half of us went to glide and half of us went to SPAWN. I went to SPAWN. SPAWN stands for Salmon Protection and Water shed Network. We helped save an endangered species of Salmon. When it rains the rain picks up dirt and then goes into the river/creek. The dirt settles and then it suffocates the eggs. We dug holes on the hill so the rain would get caught in them. Then we planted plants in the holes so they would soak up the water. I learned that the salmon only live about three years. Altogether leaf has been really fun and I hope I can come back next year. 
                                                        Thanks LEAF, 
                                                            Sadie Ray
Monday-My first day of leaf,we went kayaking and it is so not as easy as it looks! My partner and I took turns on who went in the back and front.On our way back the my pants got wet on the bottom part.
Tuesday-We went to Stow Lake to help clean up the GGP....It was super fun and I felt super good!!
Wednesday-Was stinky the first part (the morning) because we went to the sewer and learned how our feces goes down.Then the fun part was having a scavenger hunt in separate ECA groups super fun and our team won because we ran...haha!
Thursday-Serving food to the less fortunate;I felt so good inside!!! We also picked garlic which was the hardest thing to do in the morning.
Friday-We went to the Recology and learned how our recycling,compost,and garbage reduce reuse and recycles...
THANK YOU LEAF !!!! For the fun!!!!!(;

~ Sadie Ray & Sabrina

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