Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LEAF Academy’s focus on individual students, the importance of people coming together to explore and learn, and thoughtful professional practices such as hands-on learning and mentor relationships powerfully resonates with my beliefs and values. I love being a member of a community that is not only concerned with having students succeed academically but with becoming good people who are empowered, compassionate citizens of the world. I value how every member of the LEAF community strives to model core values, to learn and grow together, to solve problems collaboratively, to deeply explore what is at the root of our motivations, and to take responsibility for making the lives of others better! LEAF's commitment to considering how policies and program effect intrinsic motivation, to challenging students to construct their own understanding, and to structuring learning around essential questions, projects, and problem solving is profoundly engaging for both LEAF students and staff.

~ Todd

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