Friday, July 20, 2012

Our journy with LEAF academy

first day:kayaking at tomale's bay

we were super exited to meet our new LEAF friends, and begin our journy of two whole weeks with eachother. after all the wait we finally reach our destany. we were super exited to kayak with our new partner. finally we got on our kayak and started paddling. it was hard at first but then we got the hang of it and after all that hard work we stoped to eat lunch. later after taking a long break we got on our kayaks and went back to where we started. it was an awesome day and we got a chance to meet new people.  the end 

second day:stoe lake, play some games, party

after all the hard work from kayaking we did something more relaxing in the city.we volunter at stoe lake in golden gate park picking ivy and weeds.we ate some lunch and play some games. we play group juggle and three legged races, and water ballon toss. we thought that we had a chance to win because we practice alot, but in the middle of the race a little accident happen......
we did good in the ballon toss.we came back to PHS fo a party that the old leaf members prepare for us.

third day: sewer, lobos creek and water treetment center

we went to the sewer the stinkyest place on earth. we took a tour all over the sewer. the smell was noth the best to be in. we learned alot of new stuff that we didnt even know. after all the stinky smell we went to the Presidio to eat luch. after lunch we did another activity in lobos creek. at the end of the scavender hunt we ended up at bakers beach. we went to another water treatment center. they get water from Lobos creek and filter it so that the people that live in the presidio can drink from it. that was the end of our journy. 

~Liberty, victoria 

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