Friday, July 20, 2012

Reflections On The Week

Day one: We arrived at Tamales Bay and took a small hike around the river in Giacomini wetlands. Our instructor Todd said that Juan and Anthony were kayaking partners . After we suited up we brought our kayak to the river . We jumped into the kayak excitedly and launched into the river. We started off with a rough start crashing into plants but we both got used to steering the kayak. When we made it to our destination we headed to a field where we began to eat our lunch. After our smelly lunch near cow pies we launched back into the river tired of paddling and paddled towards the rest of the group. Although we didn't crash into bushes or plants we did crash into other kayakers. When we finally arrived near the parking lot we dried off and took off our ridiculous looking life jackets and skirts we said goodbye and left this glorious place full of wildlife.                                                                     

~Anthony and Juan

Day 1: Blue Water Kayaking

We went kayaking with our boating buddies. Unfortunately, we got wet and very tired.  Although, it was very fun. The schools of Thomas Edison Charter Academy, Persidio Hill School, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School met when we got into a circle and introduced ourselves with "call and response." We met three of the workers named Jessie, Liz, and Erick. So they taught us how to use kayak and a paddle. Then we went off kayaking together. It was hard and sweaty at the start, but we got use to paddling. After about 2 miles, we stopped and ate lunch together in a circle. We shared our thoughts to each other as we were eating. Then we went back on the water which took a while to get used to, but we paddled and paddled and we got all the way back to the start! Then it was the end of day 1.

Day 2: Stow Lake

At Stow Lake we were weeding non-native plants which were bad for the native plants. We made it cleaner and healthier for the plants. After that we went to a different area in Stow Lake and ate our lunches in a circle. We shared our experience on what jobs we did. When we were done eating and sharing, we played "LEAF olympics" with our kayaking partners such as; Balloon Toss, 3 Legged Race, and the Grapefruit pass game. After that we spread out and wrote in our journals about what we did that day. Then we left to go to Persidio Hill School and had a mini party. We ate pizza and drank water. After that, we went to go with our schools to spread out and find ideas about what we want to do with our environment. We shared our ideas with our entire group about what we wrote down. Later on that day, we had to say goodbye and go home. It was the end of day 2.

Day 3: Stinky Sewers!

It was  a beautiful and refreshing morning!

~ RJ and Jacqueline

The first day was fun. We met new people from different schools. We formed a circle and introduced ourselves and met our partners. When we put our safety gear and got in the kayaking boats. After we had some trouble we eventually got the hang of it. We got really tired and hungry. When it was lunch time we pulled over and formed a circle again and sat down and ate. Then after that we paddled back to shore and got off the kayak. Again we formed a circle to end the day to go home. Kayaking was so fun and wet. I hope we could do it again.

Day two
When we got to phs we got into another circle. We talked about how fun it was when we kayaked. We went to the vans and want to stow lake and helped pull the weeds out of a beautiful garden and planted flowers. Then we went to the field and ate lunch. We played three legged race and grapefruit pass and it was hard. Then we went back to phs and had a party. This is what we did for the first two days.

~ Katya and Karen

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