Thursday, February 14, 2013

BAEER Fair 2013!

What a great day at the BAEER Fair!  LEAF 2013 students both hosted a table and lead a workshop at the Bay Area Environmental Education Fair ( this year.  For their workshop, PHS students lead a group of participants in a recycled art project.  They had two tables of trash, one collected from a home in SF, and one collected from a home in Marin.  They lead the two groups in the creation of "trash bears".  All of the participants became very involved in their bears, you can see photos of the garden bear and the space bear below.   The students did a great job leading this project.  Everyone had a great time, and it was amazing to see the trash that could become art in a mere 45 minutes!

Edison Charter Academy students also joined us at the BAEER Fair and presented the educational videos that they have created which teach students of all ages how to dispose of their trash properly, and why it is important.  It was great to see their finished project and hard work!

Both groups spent time at our LEAF booth, teaching the public about LEAF Academy.

Special thanks to all students who participated!

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