Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today I visited Edison Charter Academy to see their progress on their LEAF school year project!  ECA LEAF students are tackling the problem of trash at their school.  Through school-wide trash clean ups, posters made entirely out of trash, classroom visits, and conversations with their peers, ECA students are trying to change the culture of their school to one where people are conscious of where they put their trash, and understand the long term effects of trash disposal.  The ECA LEAF students understand what a huge endeavor this is, but due to their passion and heart-felt actions, they are already slowly starting to see change.  Take a look at their awesome posters below, and I look forward to seeing the educational videos the team is working on currently!  Thanks ECA!  ~Rachel

If you can't see the pictures under "they are...", the pictures are of marine life harmed by trash.  The images are taken from the Marine Mammal Center.

Posters made entirely from trash found on their schoolyard.

The ECA LEAF team!

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  1. This is great!
    I'm a TECA parent. If I can ever find who they are that continually drop wrappers at the Dolores Street gates, I'll make them pick up all the trash there themselves...